Under the current fast development of quantifiable daily growing datasets there is enormous need for systematic analytical approach and tools covering both size and dynamics. Cloud computational power enables to use effectively AI, machine learning and statistical tools that were not possible five years ago. We bring modern and systematic way how to reveal significant improvements for your processes.


Exploration of all kind of information

  • Internal data sources
  • Understand your data through internal or external internet data sources
  • Understand better your clients through fusions with external sources (TELCO, energy)

Recognition of hidden profitability opportunities

  • Identifying weaknesses in your processes
  • Minimizing your client’s attrition
  • Maximizing sales numbers of your products
  • Optimizing your business model

All types of methods to explore the maximum information

  • From regression trees to random forests
  • From Bayesian to neural networks
  • From simple regression to ensemble models
  • Gradient boosting, stacking, Adaptive Boosting (AdaBoost) and other methods