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Pricing and modeling credit risk, Marek Kolman, 2017

Pricing and modeling credit risk, Marek Kolman, 2017

Credit risk modeling, default risk, firm-value models, portfolio problems, reduced-form models

The thesis covers a wide range of topics from the credit risk modeling with the emphasis put on pricing of the claims subject to the default risk. Starting with a separate general contingent claim pricing framework the key topics are classified into three fundamental parts: firm-value models, reduced-form models, portfolio problems, with a possible finer sub-classification. Every part provides a theoretical discussion, proposal of self-developed methodologies and related applications that are designed so as to be close to the real-world problems.
The text also reveals several new findings from various fields of credit risk modeling. In particular, it is shown (i) that the stock option market is a good source of credit infor- mation, (ii) how the reduced-form modeling framework can be extended to capture more complicated problems, (iii) that the double t copula together with a self-developed port- folio modeling framework outperforms the classical Gaussian copula approaches. Many other, partial findings are presented in the relevant chapters and some other results are also discussed in the Appendix.